The Journey of Estee Advisors’ I-Alpha, Which Began in September 2009, Has Successfully Completed 10 Years

One of the top-performing arbitrage funds in India, I-Alpha has kept up its performance, with no negative returns, since September 2009 and has just completed its 10th year.

I-Alpha is one of the top-performing arbitrage funds in India, perfectly powered by Estee Advisors, which aims to deliver a consistent track record with an average annualized return (net of fees) of 13% since inception at a Sharpe of 3. Not to be missed, this versatile product has a track record of consistently generating an average net return of 1.03% per month at low-volatility, which means 120 months of no negative returns or losses since its inception. The milestone of I-Alpha continues to empower with its phenomenal results.

“I-Alpha was the first product Estee launched. We wanted to prove that a systematic, computer-based investment can outperform human portfolio managers. A 10-year track record of out-performance of I-Alpha is a testament of the growing significance of such disciplined algorithmic investment methods.” – Sandeep Tyagi (Chairman and CEO Estee Advisors)