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The Private Real Estate Investment Network (PRIN) is an exclusive network of accomplished professionals and business owners across industries who share a passion for investing in residential and commercial real-estate with-in key markets in India. Moonbeam Capital is the Network Manager and the Investment Manager for all Real Estate Assets that PRIN invests into..


We believe that real-estate investments require more than just money to succeed. Projects need close evaluation, structuring, and monitoring on a constant basis to enhance the probability of realizing meaningful returns. In line with this philosophy, the PRIN members, who have had prior real-estate investment experience, collectively commit not just money, but also their time and expertise to investments.

The PRIN does not maintain a fixed corpus and does not have a fixed time horizon for making investments. There is no membership fee to be paid nor does one have to commit to invest every year. As a broad outline, it is expected that members will invest at least Rs. 25 Lakhs per annum.

All members will sign a document of acceptance of the broad principles that will govern the functioning of the PRIN. The members will also agree to adhere to a code of confidentiality regarding all opportunities tabled at the forum. Details of any deal and promoter will be kept strictly confidential and will not be discussed or revealed outside the NETWORK.

Opportunity/Value Proposition:

PRIN members get access to:

  • Off-market real-estate deals across geographies in India.
  • Pre-qualified and structured deals where due diligence has been completed.
  • Optimal investment structure, documentation, and on-going investment management support, with 100% transparency.
Furthermore, members can build a diversified pool of small exposures, can enter with clear visibility to the Exit Strategy, and significantly reduce transaction cost.

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