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Moonbeam Capital (MBC) follows a methodical approach in sourcing, structuring, and managing each PRIN investment opportunity. The investment process is as follows:

  • MBC will actively source, structure, and negotiate real-estate co-development opportunities across key Tier A locations within India.

  • MBC will circulate an Executive Summary outlining the economics of the deal to active PRIN members. The summary will include information on the project, structure of the investment, placement terms, and financial investment analysis.

  • MBC will conduct a Q&A session with interested PRIN members along with the project promoters. Interested PRIN members will have the opportunity to participate in the investment on a first come first serve basis.

  • MBC will structure, create, and manage the investment entity. In most cases investments will be made through a vehicle such as an LLP.

  • MBC will publish monthly and quarterly project reports to the investing group for their respective project investments.
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